Writing activities about weather

Eensy Weensy Raindrops Tune: Eensy, Weensy Spider Some eensy, weensy raindrops Are falling from the sky. They're filling up the puddles And dropping in my eye. Drip, drip and drop, drop, I love to hear them fall, For the eensy, weensy raindrops Mean wet fun for us all.

Writing activities about weather

Seasonal Grab Bag Parents and teachers alike, here is a list of 10 free 2nd grade writing prompts about the four seasons. Personally, I have a boatload of memories about each of the seasons from my childhood and cultivating those memories with these prompts can be a boon to a young writer. Try these out at the end of a school year to bring back some weather-related memories.

You may notice that the numbers on this page do not start at 1 and work their way up. First Grade through Fifth Grade. Which is your favorite of the four seasons and why? What do you do during the season that makes it so special to you?

Which is your least favorite of the four seasons and why? What are some things you could do during the season to make it more exciting and interesting?

writing activities about weather

Imagine that you are an animal living outside through all four seasons. Which animal are you? How do you survive through all of the different seasons out in the wild? You have been given the job of making a brand new 12 month calendar with new seasons. What would you change?

Would you change any names of the months or the seasons? How do you think people would react to your new way of doing things?

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How would the different seasons affect people in the following professions: A rain storm can happen during any of the seasons, but it can be a lot different depending on how cold it is out. How is a rain storm in the summer different from a rain storm in the winter?

Go into detail and pull from your own experiences. In other parts of the world, the seasons can be a lot different. Write a story in which you explain to a foreign exchange student how the four seasons are in your town.Weather Forecasting Lesson Plans, Activities, and Interactive Resources Student Weather Forecast Students forecast the weather for the week and keep track of their predictions.

Weather Worksheets. Air is necessary for all life on Earth. Learn about the mixture of gases that make up our atmosphere, and the weather that happens there.

What causes changes in weather, and how do forecasters know what the weather is going to be? Writing: Graphic Organizers Printables - Print them: Reading Comprehension Skills. Let your children get creative with these lovely topical writing frames!

The different versions enable them to practise their descriptive writing by describing each image, or to tell their own story using the image as a prompt, as well as practising. The patter of the raindrops creates a musical weather that leads writing a passionate waltz in the rain.

And thunderstorms need not be harbingers of doom or weather punctuation during a villain's confession. French Weather Creative Writing Activity - 6 Speech Bubbles.

writing activities about weather

Kids. easy writing worksheets: Weather Worksheets For Kindergarten # Preschool Weather Worksheets Words Spelling Worksheet Printable # Esl worksheets and activities for kids # Weather-Related Activities at metin2sell.com # Weather Activities for Kindergarten.

Whether you live somewhere with four seasons, or enjoy sunshine near year-round, it’s a safe bet that kindergarten students will rain down a hailstorm of questions their environment all school year long.

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