Writing a letter to my cheating husband

To my sweet, gentle husband: I want you to know how much I love you.

Writing a letter to my cheating husband

Share via Email It's been about 12 weeks since I saw the awful texts that confirmed my suspicions that you were being unfaithful. For two years I had been questioning whether you loved me as I felt so unloved — so much so that I occasionally asked if you were having an affair.

And I felt you were avoiding me. However, I had a gut feeling that something wasn't right but because you were reassuring me, I began to question my own sanity. I became ill, had panic attacks and anxiety.

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Our children wondered why you were going out so much and not spending much time with me or with us as a family. But you carried on being selfish. Originally, when I confronted you about the texts on that awful day, you were adamant it had only been a one-night stand.

Although the familiarity in the tone of those texts did not ring true for just a one-night stand, when I asked you, yet again you reassured me. You arranged for me to go to a Relate appointment with you the very next day, to which I'd agreed.

Five minutes before we were due to go in for our session, you broke the devastating news that you had indeed been having an affair — for 18 months.

writing a letter to my cheating husband

My world fell apart. I was utterly distraught. You were my world — my friend, my only lover — and you had completely betrayed and hurt me to a degree beyond my comprehension. You had also spent some of our family money on this woman and taken her away for weekends.

You said you had purchased several bottles of wine every time you met her, as you put it, to help you "do the deed" as it was "just drunken sex". You bought her flowers, a photographic memory book with pictures of you together and a necklace for her birthday.

You took her away to several concerts, including the V festival. You took her for a night in a hotel the day after Valentine's day, which was also a couple of days before her birthday.

And all that time you were lying to me about who you were seeing and what you were doing.

writing a letter to my cheating husband

I was so trusting. The woman is a work colleague and you obviously still see her every day, even though you have said you are no longer "seeing" her. I am not sure that I believe you after so many lies for so long. Unfortunately, I will never know whether you are still seeing her, as you can just do as you please now because you are no longer with me.

You fooled me so well. You continue to treat me despicably. You do not show any remorse or regret for what you have done, nor do you show any emotions or feelings towards me or my wellbeing — you act as if nothing has happened and not once have you cried.

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You have told me that you hadn't loved me properly for quite some time, which I am extremely upset about as you never brought up the problems in our relationship so that we could have tried to work them out. We had been together 28 years and that's a lot of memories to throw away.Letter To My Husband: Grace Wins.

I would not have been so willing to see my own sin and flaws in our marriage without you and Him desperately desiring my love. This letter is not only to thank you for who you have become, but to give praise to the one and only God. What Not To Write In The Letter.

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Though writing a letter to cheating husband would naturally be an emotional exercise, it should be candid with facts which could be substantiated or defended.. Do not state things that are unfounded (hearsay) no matter how helpful they may be to your case.

Though writing a letter to cheating husband would naturally be an emotional exercise, it should be candid with facts which could be substantiated or defended. Letter to my husband I found out my husband was cheating on me with a lady in his office and I was devastated.

I couldn't believe it so I wrote him a letter asking him about . An Open Letter To My Husband's Girlfriend. For; Against; Subject: An Open Letter To My Husband's Girlfriend.

From: Your Boyfriend's Wife. Date: 4 Jan Dear her, I have spent the past 48 hours in complete and total devastation over what your affair with my husband did to me and my kids.

I have tried so hard to pray for peace but you have. The letter you always wanted to write. A letter to my cheating, lying husband I have lost my husband and my best friend and I am not sure I will ever fully recover from the heartache. What I Think A Letter To A Husband Who Cheated Or Had An Affair Should Include: I actually think that a well crafted letter can help a marriage after an affair.

But, you have to .

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