Writing a book proposal template

After you write your proposal, create a table of contents.

Writing a book proposal template

Short, no more than two pages double spaced. Ideally, it will be sufficiently compelling to make the editor read the rest. The Market This section shows that you have thought through the question of who will buy the book and why. Audience How many people would be interested in this book?

Give demographics if possible, citing your sources. Other Books The competition: The Book Take as much space as you need to give the editor a clear picture of what you have in mind.

Describe any features that will make the book unique. Content Overview Chapter by chapter, describe the contents of the book, one or two paragraphs per chapter.


Indicate whether there will be appendices and what they will contain. Book Length, Illustrations, and Delivery For example: Illustrations will consist of line art.

Color will not be required. Here you tell what activities you intend to undertake.

How To Write A Book Proposal | The Professor Is In

Spend time researching and writing this section. This is not the time to be self-effacing. Exaggeration is not useful, but an honest statement of your qualifications is essential.

Appendices and Supporting Material May not be necessary. Depends on the nature of the book. I hope it works as well for you.Guidelines for Your Fiction Proposal. List your writing experience, your education, your achievements, and your prior publishing history. 4. and you'll need to create promotional giveaways, arrange your own book signings, or attend writers' conferences.

Table of Contents

. Writing a proposal for a sponsored activity such as a research project or a curriculum development program is a problem of persuasion. It is well to assume that your reader is a busy, impatient, skeptical person who has no reason to give your proposal special consideration and who is faced with many more requests than he can grant, or even read.

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Fiction Proposal

A proposal, by definition, is a document that offers a solution to a problem, or action necessary for a specific need. We still proudly offer a monthly lesson for all teachers who sign-up for our "Lesson of the Month" Ning.

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writing a book proposal template

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