Why you shouldnt get a mullet for haircuts

Pin it Some haircuts are so amusing that they are bound to garner attention to whoever wears them. A mullet haircut, which was an extremely popular hairstyle in the 80s, is surprisingly making somewhat of a comeback for the hipster and Millennial set. Updated Mullet Haircuts Modern versions of the style are a little more daring, edgy and experimental, however, the general silhouette remains intact. Mid-Length Mullet Haircut Nowadays, when shorter haircuts and extreme styles are super-popular, mullet cut can look a bit outdated.

Why you shouldnt get a mullet for haircuts

The film American Mullet documents the phenomenon of the mullet hairstyle and the people who wear it. Indie rock duo Tegan and Sara sported mullets during their The Con album era.

Tom O'Neill, famed hair stylist and underwriting thief, was also known to sport the mullet hairstyle in the early s. The style had already been popular with the bogan subculture. This was the type of a mullet that had a crew cut at the front, top, and sides and long hair at the back.

The mullet has also experienced a revival within American sports. After winning back-to-back Stanley Cups, Phil Kessel was spotted in Pittsburgh Penguins training camp in September bringing the mullet back to its native roots of Pittsburgh Hockey.

The 9 Haircuts No Man Should Ever Have

Similarly, Oklahoma State head football coach Mike Gundy wore a mullet starting in early ; the popularity of his mullet supposedly earned Oklahoma State millions of dollars in marketing revenue. In addition, from toPatrick Kane of the Chicago Blackhawks popularized the "playoff mullet," an alternative to the traditional NHL playoff beard.I had my hair cut with Brittany and it is just simply so cute:) She listened to my needs and perfectly executed.

I had some trouble with my natural hair at the roots and some curls at . Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin It looks like you've lost connection to our server. Please check your internet connection or reload this page.

Why you shouldnt get a mullet for haircuts

Once you get the haircut, you can style the section on top into a fine-looking faux hawk. We encourage you to follow the technique displayed in the photo above to get that fanned mohawk aspect. Mullet with Shorter Sides. Source. Some men get mullet haircuts without cutting down the sides much.

Others opt for completely shaving their sides. Vocalist Wesley Willis wrote and released the track "Cut the Mullet" in and frequently performed it at live shows. s. The mullet and its associated lifestyle have been central themes in movies such as Joe Dirt "business in the front, party in the back" () .

Updated Mullet Haircuts Modern versions of the style are a little more daring, edgy and experimental, however, the general silhouette remains intact. There are several types of mullet cuts to choose from, however, if you still want to know “what is a mullet haircut”, the following images are sure to answer your question and more. The Mullet haircut is 2 haircuts in 1 because the long ponytail is not cut and the sides of the mullet hair is short so I LIKE THE MULLET HAIRSTYLE AND MULLETS RULE!!!! Aaron Lockwood, Milton. Surprisingly, I get a lot of clients that look at me puzzled when I say that box color is bad for their hair! I’ve always known this to be common knowledge and a few of those reasons you can guess without any background in haircolor.

"Always share your likes, desires, and lifestyle needs with your hair designer to get a haircut designed expressly for you." Still, there are some haircuts that work on a lot of people and others that are pretty much never flattering.

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