Victim mentality

View Larger Image The victim mentality is a malignancy feeding off neglect, criticism, and mistreatment.

Victim mentality

I was going to look it up and post a lovely clinical definition, but Victim mentality thought it might be more effective to just write about what I have learned about it.

I thought a victim was someone that had been victimized, bullied, assaulted or otherwise traumatized, but also I thought a victim was someone who had been or would be looked down on or pitied. I thought someone with victim mentality felt sorry for themselves.

Victim mentality

I was getting self pity and victim mentality mixed up. I have a very different understanding of what victim mentality really is, today. I spent years before I really faced my issues, just trying to BE positive; focusing on never having, doing or feeling any of the things on that list.

One of the most dangerous results from trying to change my attitude before I knew where it came from was that I learned to take the blame; I learned to be accountable for the mistreatment that I was dealt. That kind of accountability led me to believe what the abusers taught me in the first place; that I deserved it!

I ended up in a serious and chronic series of depressions. I realized in my process of emerging from broken into fullness and wholeness, that I had victim mentality all over the place in my life but not exactly the kind of victim mentality that is commonly understood.

Positive thinking was something that came in really handy and made a positive difference AFTER I sorted out the foundation of the problem.

Dealing with the victim mindset

When I understood victim mentality in this new way, I was able to sort things out from a different perspective which was a big key to overcoming the past. Exposing Truth; one snapshot at a time!People with a victim mentality blame others for their misfortune.

Look for positive solutions to their problems, but don't let them excuse poor performance. The victim mentality is a foundational wound that wants no responsibility in its own survival or in carrying the responsibility of the survival. Link to original article Spread the love Read Kimberly's latest article discussing daily headlines Russia Rejects Israel; US Peace Plan Coming; Rift Between Israel & Read More.

Victim Mentality and Being Always the Victim The victim mentality affects those around us, as well as our relationship with ourselves; it is not productive, nor positive.

Victim mentality

This way of thinking did not just happen overnight, rather it served a purpose for you at one time. As a psychiatrist, I teach my patients the importance of learning how to deal effectively with draining people.

In Emotional Freedom, I discuss one of these types, which I call "the victim mentality.".

Victim Mentality | Definition of Victim Mentality by Merriam-Webster

Confronting the victim mentality. A victim mentality is one where it is always someone else's fault for bad things happening to you.

Further than this, it can be an expectation that things will go wrong, because `bad things always happen to me'.

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