Use of micropipette and spectrophotometer

To test for their presence we must find a way to "see" them. A colorimeter or spectrophotometer can be used to measure any test substance that is itself colored or can be reacted to produce a color. In fact a simple definition of colorimetry is "the measurement of color" and a colorimetric method is "any technique used to evaluate an unknown color in reference to known colors". In a colorimetric chemical test the intensity of the color from the reaction must be proportional to the concentration of the substance being tested.

Use of micropipette and spectrophotometer

This PCR uses 96 well- block and takes 0. It can reach speeds of 15K rpm. Avanti J-E Centrifuge Location: The rotors available are 1. This Breeze system is configured for Gel Permeation Chromatography. CentriVap Speed Vacuum Location: The CentriVap's larger chamber and selection of higher capacity rotors offer the maximum throughput required by molecular biology, microbiology, biochemistry, pharmaceutical research and analytical chemistry laboratories.

As many as samples may be processed at once. Sample sizes range from a few microliters up to 25 milliliters. In addition, the Microtiter Plate Rotor holds four standard or two deep well plates.

The CentriVap also has a Cold Trap, protecting the accessory vacuum pump from the corrosive effects of vapors and fumes as they evaporate from the samples.

Contact Angle Meter Location: The patented "Half Angle" measurement method eliminates the difficulties associated with tangent angle measurement methods. With simple, reliable and consistent operation, one can quickly determine surface enery measurements to help in coating operations of all types.

The CE module is recommended for use with the Gene Pulser Xcell main unit for electroporation of most eukaryotic cells, including mammalian cells and plant protoplasts. The PC module is recommended for electroporation of bacteria and fungi, as well as other applications where high voltage pulses are applied to samples of small volume and high resistance.

A touch screen interface provides comprehensive instrument control and data collection. Infinite M Microplate Reader Location: Users can select the desired modules to create the perfect reader for their needs, with the option to upgrade as requirements change.Exploring Enzyme Function With the Lactase Enzyme OBJECTIVES: In this laboratory exploration, you will lactase activity.

Specifically, we’ll use a spectrophotometer to measure the absorbance of light in our reactions, and thus the activity of our enzyme micropipette kit (Your instructor will demonstrate proper technique for the.

Proper Use Of Micropipettes A micropipette is one of the instruments that is usually used in science laboratories. Micropipette are used to accurately measure and dispense small volumes of liquid. Enzyme Kinetics Prior to lab you should: o Know how enzymes catalyze chemical reactions o Know which enzyme will be studied in this laboratory exercise as well as its substrates and products.

o Explain how the spectrophotometer can be used to monitor the reaction catalyzed by this chemical reaction. Essay on Use of Micropipette and Spectrophotometer Group No.

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10 Date Started: June 11, Tongco, Val Justin DM. Date Finished: June 18, Santos, Erickson S. Vasquez, Jona Candace P. Wong, Victor Lorenzo E.

Use of micropipette and spectrophotometer

Experiment 1 Use of Micropipettor and Spectrophotometer Introduction In scientific experiments, correct measurements are required to achieve precise and accurate data. Use a Sensible Pipette for the Volume You Want to Dispense The accuracy of your pipette decreases as the dispensed volume approaches the minimum the pipette can handle.

For example, if you are dispensing 15 µL, then a 1 mL pipette would be terrible, a . Using a L20 micropipette, place a 2 µl drop of diH 2 O on the pedestal and lower the sampling arm. This is typically done by lightly pressing the plunger and allowing a drop of the liquid to form at the end of the pipette.

This drop is much easier to place on the pedestal.

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