There is no best way to

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There is no best way to

The title of this article is either transparently true or patently false - depending on your point of view, and the game you're playing. I think it's more true than false, once we specify the circumstances. In a live, cash game or a multi-table tournament played No-Limit or Pot-Limit, I think it's deeply and importantly true, if not yet demonstrably so from a game theoretic perspective.

But, you may differ with me, and that's OK too, since the proof is still a faint hope. Let's take a look and see where we end up. To keep the topic manageable, we'll stick with Hold'em, although the issue generalizes to all poker games of interesting levels of complexity.

One reason why some of the "simpler" games like Five-Stud are rarely played anymore is that there are optimal ways to play them and the more skilled players quickly bust the lesser.

Limit Holdem - Heads-Up Play Here, there likely is a reasonably well-defined strategic approach that approximates optimality. The foundations are based on principles involving the expected value of particular plays and a recognition of the importance of position, and on inducing probabilistic assessments of one's opponent.

The fully developed strategy isn't known but it has been approximated. We discussed this in two earlier articles on bots. The pride of these silicon-based poker warriors is a bot dubbed Polaris, a very long listing of code that resides on a computer in Edmonton, Alberta.

Phil know a thing or two about Polaris. Polaris plays superb Limit Hold'em against a single opponent. In fact, it plays better than almost anyone in the world. It has taken on all comers from carbon-based entities to other bots and has won impressively.

So, from a mathematical perspective, the strategic features that have been written into Polaris are closer to the "best" way to play this particular game than anything any human player has developed - so far.

It's important to appreciate that Polaris is a genuine AI an "artificial intelligence".

Limit Holdem - Heads-Up Play

It's programmed with a set of effective initial heuristics, but its success depends on software that allows it to induce a representation of the features of its opponent's play and to make adjustments to them.

In short, it doesn't have a "best way" to play; it has a "best way" to adapt.

There is no best way to

It's worth noting that this learning feature is so powerful that several of the programmers who worked on Polaris and who play excellently against mere mortals have admitted they cannot beat the beast - even though they wrote the software that it's using.

No-Limit Holdem - Heads-Up Play This game is one step up in complexity from Limit, and there are suggestions that particular strategies are more useful than others. For example, Daniel Negreanu has developed a primitive approach to this game that is surprisingly effective.

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A contingency theory is an organizational theory that claims that there is no best way to organize a corporation, to lead a company, or to make decisions.

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