The golden age of athens

Greek mythology is based on legends passed down through generations by word of mouth, so there are many versions of Greek mythology and not all of the stories agree with one another. Myths explained nature, taught moral lessons, and provided entertainment.

The golden age of athens

Now I wish to praise it. There were 58 of them from Augustus to the year A. D, when Jovian died and the empire was split into east and west.

Of the 58, 30 were murdered by the army, 4 died of the plague, 2 died in battle, 2 committed suicide, 1 was struck by lightning, and 1 drowned. Great men were rare and weaklings ubiquitous.

The army lacked real men — leaders made of the same stuff as them -- so weaklings had to pay them to stay alive.

But the army was fickle and might give an emperor the sword because it decided it liked someone else better. My use of the term, army, includes the Praetorian Guard who by their position of honor and proximity to the emperor, played a special role in king making.

During the time of the Caesars there were occasional periods of calm. One of these, known as the Golden Age — 98 A. There are no obvious clues to explain why the empire functioned so well during this period.

The golden age of athens

The four men in charge had very different personalities and they were not equal in ability. Many wars were fought and each man was challenged by instability, yet the empire ran smoothly.

Maybe it was luck. For each I have included an image of their silver denarius from my collection. The coins lend a physical reality to the story of the man. The coin was struck A. Trajan reigned from Loved by all feared by none, save the enemy.

Trajan was considered by many as the greatest Roman emperor after Augustus. The son of the commander of the tenth legion who became consul in 70 A. D, Trajan was the first Roman emperor not born in Italy Seville. Later made governor of upper Germany in 96 A. He suppressed Dacia modern Romania in the period and the Parthians Iran during the years before a stroke killed him at Cilia Southeastern Turkey.


His ashes were buried there after his death. Hadrian reigned from More a thinker than a fighter. Like Marcus Aurelius in many ways. When Nerva died Hadrian was the first to give Trajan the news by outrunning others carrying the message.

His succession to emperor was obscure. Trajan never said publicly that he intended Hadrian as his successor and when he died, the message naming Hadrian was signed by the empress who claimed Trajan was too ill to write.Heroes I has been divided into two sections: Early Heroes and the Golden Age of Heroes.

The stories of Deucalion, Perseus, Heracles and Theseus were written to separate pages, because of the size of each story. Follow the above links to go to these stories. THE GREEKS As citizens of the United States of America, we owe everything to ancient Greece. Many of the ideals we so highly cherish aren't American; they're Greek.

The golden age of athens

Still, he was a more than capable ruler, adopting a foreign policy to abandon the territories taken by Trajan and bring the borders of the empire back to its natural limits at the Rhine, Danube, and Euphrates – a very practical decision.

The Golden Age Even so, under Pericles, Athens entered her golden age and great thinkers, writers, and artists flourished in the city. Herodotus, the `father of history', lived and wrote in Athens. The “golden age” of Greece lasted for little more than a century but it laid the foundations of western civilization.

The age began with the unlikely defeat of a vast Persian army by badly outnumbered Greeks and it ended with an inglorious and lengthy war between Athens and Sparta.

A Brief Reference to the History of Athens. Athens was named according to the Greek mythology from competition that the goddess Athena had with Poseidon about who will become protector of the city.

The myth says that Poseidon gave a spring with sea water whilst Athena offered an olive tree as she touched the ground of the sacred rock of the Acropolis.

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