School by peter cowan essay

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School by peter cowan essay

This main theme is one that many can identify with, in not belonging and not understanding the demands of scholarly endeavour. Therefore this allows the reader to sympathise with the repressed anguish of the main character.

Additionally gender, class, age and personal history all contribute to creating particular reading positions of the text. As a female reader, the story is to an extent less applicable. Due to the main character being a young boy, the relevance and ability to identify with him is partially diminished.

School by peter cowan essay

It must be noted however that as a young person, the experiences of childhood and school are still very relevant.

This meant when examining the text it was easier to sympathise with the boy regardless of differences in gender. Furthermore, having difficulties understanding and making meaning of school work is common ground for many young people and ultimately personal history was drawn upon when re-readings of the text occurred.

With each re-reading, the extent to which personal attributes affected the response to the text became even more apparent.

The influence of class in shaping the response to the story was extremely significant. As an urban dweller the ability to imagine the setting and context of the text was difficult and did not occur naturally. Upon corresponding with fellow class members it was assumed that most would have similar responses to the story.

It was interesting to note however that students from rural backgrounds found the story far easier to relate to. One member explained that when transferring from the home discourse to the school discourse, their experience and knowledge felt somewhat irrelevant and worthless. It was generally agreed upon that the boy was crying because school life made him feel isolated and disempowered by a lack of knowledge and capacity.

In terms of setting, the classroom was hot and sterile. The other children were also hostile and unfriendly. It was in the class discussion that it was realised that these descriptions were not provided on the page rather readers subconsciously filled these gaps. This ultimately provided an explanation for the differing constructions of the particular text.

After continual re-readings of the text, it was assumed that the young boy was a victim of bullying.

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It was in the filling of this gap that cultural and literary repertoires were referred to. In personal cultural knowledge, someone who is usually different is the victim of bullying as a fear of the unknown widely exists.The underlying theme in Preludes is the significance of the environment and external factors in shaping a person's by Peter Cowan is a short story based on the memories of a child nostalgic with life on the farm.

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School by peter cowan essay

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An examination of the relationships between teaching and learning styles, and the number sense and problem solving ability of Year 7 students Submitted for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy By Jemmy Emmanuel Georges Louange BEd Honours (Mathematics Education), Sussex University, UK Principal Supervisor: Dr.

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