Regulatory agency paper 430

Regulatory Agency Paper Hcs Autor: At the prison level, the U. Medicaid and Medicare have very little connection with the prison system, with the exception of when there is a reimbursement due for medical services performed that are out of the ordinary at a prison hospital.

Regulatory agency paper 430

Most agencies supplement the FAR provision, to a greater or lesser degree, through their own regulations, and the regulations of the agency at issue should be reviewed before commencing an agency-level bid protest before that agency.

This is the same standard applied by the GAO.

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As regards the various issues that arise under this definition, see the discussion below dealing with GAO bid protests. What May Be Protested — Matters of Jurisdiction As a general matter, there are no jurisdictional limitations on an agency protest because an agency is deemed to have inherent authority to consider a protest dealing with all aspects of its own procurements.

By statute the Federal Acquisition Streamlining Acthowever, an agency may not consider a protest of the issuance of task and delivery orders under already existing multiple-award task and delivery order contracts, where the agency has the ability to choose among several contractors when it seeks to place a specific order for goods or services.

Agency-Level Timeliness Rules Protests of apparent solicitation improprieties must be filed before bid opening or the closing date for receipt of proposals. In all other cases, the protest must be filed no later than 10 days after the basis for the protest is known or should have been known.

Failure to satisfy these timeliness rules inevitably results in dismissal of the protest, although the FAR does allow the agency, for good cause shown, to consider the merits of an untimely protest, but that authority is seldom used.

Upon receipt of a protest before award, the agency is required to withhold award pending resolution of the protest. However, the agency can override this stay by written justification that award is necessary for urgent and compelling reasons or is in the best interest of the federal government.

Additionally, the agency is not required to stop the procurement processing short of award; thus, it may accept and evaluate proposals while the stay of award is in place.

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Upon receipt of a protest filed within 10 days after contract award or within five days after a debriefing to the protester given pursuant to a timely, written debriefing request, whichever is later, the contracting officer CO is to suspend performance pending resolution of the protest including any review by an independent higher-level official.

Again though, the agency can override this stay by written justification that award is necessary for urgent and compelling reasons or is in the best interest of the federal government.

The Agency Protest Process. Hence, there is no use of protective orders to control the treatment of protected information because protected information is not disclosed by the agency. The decision is provided only to the protester; it is not published.

Regulatory agency paper 430

Available Relief The agency may take any action or grant any remedy that could be recommended by the Comptroller General if the protest were instead filed with the GAO. See the discussion below regarding available relief in a GAO bid protest.

Further, agencies may pay protest costs under the same standards that allow costs to be paid to a prevailing party in a GAO protest. Why Bring an Agency-Level Protest Advantages The forum is the least formal, least costly, and most quickly reaches a decision.

This spares the procurement officials the public embarrassment that may result from publication of a decision detailing a flawed procurement, and concomitantly reduces the risk of generating an adverse agency view of the protestor.

Solicitation defect issues can be preserved for later challenge at the GAO, as the GAO will consider challenges of solicitation defect issues provided they were timely raised at the agency. Furthermore, in the great majority of instances, an agency report is not prepared and, when such a report is compiled, it may not be available to the protester.

At the GAO, it is not uncommon for the more persuasive grounds of protest to be developed upon review of documents produced in the agency report that responds to the initial protest.

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I will use this site again for all my future papers. Regulatory Agency paper HCS Legal issues in Health Care: Regulations and Compliances The Joint Commission is an agency that maintains partnership with the government to help improve the standards of health care within the United States.

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At the prison level, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has the regulatory authority role of protecting the health care of U.S. citizens, regardless of whatever their social status may or may not be.

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