Poor attitude towards mathematics in junior

Correlations between Attitudes and Mathematics Performance Pearson correlation coefficients were obtained between the attitude scores of Liking, Self-rating, Anxiety and Unhappiness, BNS standard score, and age in months. These are shown in Table 2. Correlations between attitude scores, British abilities scales basic number skills standard score, and age in months. What Attitudes Predict Mathematical Performance?

Poor attitude towards mathematics in junior

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It is an essential requirement by every field of intellectual endeavour and human development to cope with the challenges of life, mathematics can also be defined as the queen and servant of all the school subject since it cut across the school curricula. It is equally seen as the language used to describe the problems arising in technology.

It relates other school subjects in area like number and numeration, variations, graphs, fruitions, solutions of equation, and area and volumes.

After the launching of the spulink the first earth satellite in space in November, by the Russians, which according to Griffiths and Howson has an enormous effects on American complacency about superiority in engineering capability over that of Russians.

The result of the doubt were series of hot debates and arguments on the suitability or otherwise of the school mathematics and curricular. Mathematics still remains one of the core and compulsory subjects for the Nigeria students at both primary and post primary schools.

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Recently, mathematics has become a determining factor to gaining admission into most Nigeria universities as it must be passed up to credit level before one gain admission. Given the right to choose, many secondary school students would out rightly avoid mathematics, this is because many of them have developed some element of fears about the suspect, may be as a result of long time negative information they get every year about the poor and low level performance n WAEC examinations in mathematics or other factors.

This research work sets out to unravel. According to Ajagun the performance of students in junior secondary science in Nigeria has remain an issue of concern to all stakeholders.

Poor attitude towards mathematics in junior

Toscany Academy this quote can be translated in the context of threat posed by mathematics to the candidate preparing for the examination. Fear is also contagious as children learn fear from observing other show fears.

Children also learn fear from their contemporaries. Phobia on the other hand is a clinical or pathologically intense fear often irrational leading to a compulsive need to avoid a thing or event.

The team phobia in an everyday life can be used to refer to fears which have rational origin. When fear reaches an extreme pitch, it becomes a phobia. The implication of the above in a child is, if failure is greeted with schooling and corporal punishment with little attention to motivation, clarity and relevance, students will dislike to harm a particular subject.

When experience of learning becomes so unpleasant, it creates the emotions of fear and boredom. In such situation even the brightest pupils will fail to profit from learning.

The overwhelming personal observation on the types of student and teacher found in science classes of out-today secondary schools in Nigeria can be better imagined than to engage as ones study.


In the past we used to have brilliant students in science, if that is true, it imples that something has gone wrong somewhere, either that our students do not work hard again, or they have been overtaken by fear of some of these subjects.

Fear as we all know is learnt and it contagious and dangerous. It may have be struck our students into avoidance or poor performance in mathematics. This below statement can contribute to the poor performance of mathematics in secondary schools junior in Akoko-Edo Local Government Area of Edo State.

The lackadaisical attitude of the students towards mathematics such as fear. Deficiency in some instructional materials to teach and learn. Socio-economic background of the students environmental factors.Personal, family, and academic factors affecting low achievement in secondary school performance to motivation (task goal orientation), to self'-regulating behaviors, and to competence as a function of task characteristics (Slater, ).

THE STUDY OF THE FACTORS INFLUENCING STUDENTS ATTITUDES TOWARDS LEARNING MATHEMATICS IN THE JUNIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL (A CASE STUDY OF BWARI AREA COUNCIL, FCT ABUJA) one may ask about the poor attitude of students towards Mathematics and poor educational background of the area in other .

The study examined the effect of using standard instructional materials and improvised instructional materials on Secondary School Students’ Academic Performance in Physics in Ilorin, Nigeria.

The sample consisted of selected Secondary Schools in Ilorin Metropolis of Kwara State. The research. It is also stated that the attitude towards mathematics and achievement in mathematics have always been a great concern.

Fullarton () as cited in Cabahug and Ladot (), stated that poor attitude towards mathematics is often being said as one of the contributing factors to lower participation and less success in the courses.

Mathematics in Primary Years immigrants are welcome lean heavily towards numerate occupations, including engineers, surveyors and physicists, mathematics and science teachers, and even ships officers and theatre nurses. Thus the need for To develop children’s mathematical attitudes, skills and understanding so that they can recognise.

Open Review of Educational Research Volume 3, - Issue 1. Submit an article Journal A negative attitude towards mathematics could be influenced, for instance, by too much individual practice Relationships between classroom behaviours and student outcomes in junior high mathematics and English classes.

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