Media ethics case studies

How Much Is Too Much? It also raises important ethical questions on how the story has and continues to be covered. News coverage of the shootings disturbed many viewers and readers as much as the event did.

Media ethics case studies

The Institute for Global Ethics website includes a section on business dilemmas Pg. The Media Education Foundation offers many documentaries, including ones on media ownership Pg.

The Center for News Literacy shows school teachers how to teach news literacy Pg. Reclaim the Media hosts a blog on digital media literacy Pg. The Center for Independent Media has evolved into The American Independent, which includes a code of ethics for its alternative journalism Pg.

The ProPublica website includes its Pulitzer Prize-winning story on the aftermath of Hurricane Katrinaalong with a guide to data collection for journalists Pg. The Capital Times online-only news site in Madison, Wis.

The journey from anomaly to a new paradigm. Also available at http: The Reconstruction of American Journalism. Graduate School of Journalism, Columbia University. Toward a National Journalism Strategy.

Available for download from http: Also available at www. Ethics for the new investigative newsroom: A Roundtable Report on best practices for non-profit journalism.

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The National Center for Accessible Media works to bring the Internet to the blind and other people with disabilities Pg. Among the places building citywide Wi-Fi networks was London — to be operational in time for its hosting of the Summer Olympics Pg.

Media ethics case studies

Google explains the legal and technical history and future of Google Books Pg. A history and timeline for the Ford Model T Pg. An explanation of HD radio Pg. The video of Fort Bragg barracks conditions that caused a furor Pg. Lists, links and statistics on low-power FM stations Pg.

In a survey, 52 percent of bloggers said they consider themselves journalists Pg. New York Times, The. Home Broadband Adoption Available online at http: GAO, a report to Congressional Committees. Episodes of the latest hidden camera TV show: Louis Journalism Review presented a detailed examination on whether and when college journalists should name rape accusers Pg.

The media spotlight has burned bright on glamorous first ladies Jacqueline Kennedy and Michelle Obama Pg. The Seattle Times story on the database fleecing of a year-old woman Pg. Microsoft explains the value and simplicity of its Computer Online Forensic Evidence Extractors for law enforcement agencies Pg.

Media ethics case studies

Electronic Frontier Foundation Euronews March 31, Internet Traffic Report Asa Berger explains some of his books — and their covers Pg. Pinkleton and Jessie Quintero Johnson. Channel One Web site. Advertising; A survey of consumer attitudes reveals the depth and challenge that agencies face.

The New York Times. Archived by Wisconsin Public Radio and available at http: Background on Napsterthe granddaddy of file sharing programs Pg. The next technology to target ads at you — satellite TV Pg. Content Dominates Time Spent Online.Case studies and scenarios illustrating ethical dilemmas in business, medicine, technology, government, and education.

Doing Ethics in Journalism: A Handbook With Case Studies [Jay Black, Bob Steele, Ralph D. Barney, Society of Professional Journalists (U. S.)] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The aim of this text is to help students recognize the important role they play as journalists, and to make the connection between excellent journalism and ethical journalism.

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26 of a WDBJ journalist and cameraman raises important ethical questions on how the story has and continues to be covered. To help your students explore the ethical questions about content use and sources during tragedy, NewseumED offers two related classroom-ready case studies.

Center News Ethics Experts for Media History Media Mentions People Annual Report Fast Facts. Focus Areas. Find case studies and scenarios on a variety of fields in applied ethics. Cases can also be viewed by the following categories: Bioethics.

Business Ethics. Engineering Ethics. Media ethics is the subdivision of applied ethics dealing with the specific ethical principles and standards of media, including broadcast media, film, theatre, the arts, print media and the internet.

The field covers many varied and highly controversial topics, ranging from war journalism to Benetton ad campaigns.. Media ethics involves promoting and defending values such as a universal. iMediaEthics is a not-for-profit, non-partisan news site that publishes the latest media ethics news and investigations into ethical lapses.

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