Level 2 swiss

Level 3 However, recently a commuter train and a high-speed train crashed near Zurich. Some parts of the trains came off the train tracks, but they did not fall over.

Level 2 swiss

The newly built Mattstetten — Rothrist line between Bern and Zurich is the core of the Rail concept. Switzerland is an export oriented country. A high percentage of the Swiss industrial production is exported to the surrounding countries, mainly to Germany and Italy.

Most of the heavy goods are transported by train. In addition, Switzerland is one of the geographical pivot points of Europe, as the shortest way from northern Germany to Italy passes through Switzerland.

Therefore, a large proportion of the Trans European freight is transported over the Swiss railway infrastructure. Every year, more than million passengers use the services of SBB and the trend to use public transport is increasing heavily. Additionally, the service is timetabled according to a multi-hub clock-face timetable, where the rolling stock and the infrastructure are being optimised together to maximise the number of transfer connections that can be offered to the passengers.

This timetabling approach imposes a strict scheduling discipline in terms of the position and sequence of passenger train track slots, and, at the same time, requires a very high degree of punctuality in order to guarantee the connections.

This decision was based Level 2 swiss the following considerations: Increased capacity as a result of high speed and short headways One of the challenges faced by SBB in the future is a significant increase in capacity.

This in turn, requires a highly reliable and high performance cab signalling system and adequate safety margins. Following a series of accidents, SBB began in to upgrade network safety levels by installing the ZUB train control system in specific areas.

However, both systems are approaching their end-of-life. The Federal Office for Transport, the body in charge of rail supervision in Switzerland, therefore stipulates that both systems be replaced by ETCS in the course of the normal upgrade cycle.

Interoperability Simultaneously with the economic convergence of Europe, a common transportation policy was stipulated which aims to shift freight from road to rail.

Performance and efficiency on the existing rail network have to be improved. European rail traffic needs to become faster, denser, more reliable and more cost-efficient — and stay safe all the same.

Interoperability is the magic word and ETCS is the technical solution to meet some of these strategically important requirements. At present, ETCS is being implemented in 23 projects in Europe, representing a total of at least 3, track kilometres and approximately vehicles.

Owing to the various national trackside train protection systems in operation, railway undertakings that operate cross-border services are still forced to equip their vehicles with several expensive systems, resulting in a decisive competitive disadvantage of the rail compared to the road in cross-border pan-European passenger and freight services.

As ETCS supersedes national train protection systems, network users will only need ETCS equipment for their vehicles, and the costs of network access will be reduced. The vehicle owners also hope that progressive standardisation will result in further price reductions of ETCS equipment.

The existing rail network that had remained virtually unchanged for over years was to be revitalised. After the Rail concept was approved at the ballots inthe Swiss population repeatedly voted in favour of further government bills on transport policy, all of which aimed at an increased shift of traffic from road to rail.

At costs of approximately CHF 30 billion, the railways were to be fundamentally modernised in the course of the ensuing 20 years. The aim of phase one was unmistakable and simple: The Swiss Railway had to provide faster, more frequent and more comfortable services.Level 2 has the most important words, Level 3 has the most important words.

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Level 2 swiss

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