Instructional aids

These 10 animal facts will amaze you An instructional aide, also known as a teacher assistant or teacher's aide, performs various duties to help a teacher complete tasks in the classroom.

Instructional aids

To subscribe, send a message to: The Patterns series of braille instruction materials is excellent for instruction by teachers and reinforcement by parents see teachers guide for parents.

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Contact APH at or visit their web site at: Communication Skills for Visually Impaired Learners: Sanford is available from Amazon. It is described at http: The program includes three levels, teaching sixty phonics concepts and two hundred contractions with punctuation.

Instructional aids

Level One goes over the ABCs forty concepts including and, for, of, the with; a few other words for simple storiesand consonant sounds should be taught along with it. The other two levels cover the other contractions, etc. You can order a level at a time.

It is available with or without Dot Writing from Exceptional Teaching Aids by calling or visit their web site at: Volume 1 contains the Overview and Use, and Volume 2 teaches the alphabet and whole word signs. The other 2 volumes contain the rest of the Braille code See: Olson and Sally Mangold is available from Amazon.

Instant Access to Braille Project: Refreshable Braille in the Inclusive Classroom is a Western and Central New York State project of the Center for Assistive Technology at the University of Buffalo, providing students with a refreshable braille note-taking device and training in its use in order to facilitate inclusion.

See the web site http: Sally Mangold, are available from Exceptional Teaching Aids by calling or visit their web site at: It is available from Amazon. The following titles are also available from AFB Press: Children with visual Impairments: A Balanced Approach to Literacy by Anna Swenson by calling or visiting their web site at: Braille for the Sighted by S.

Simulated braille is used to teach the alphabet and numbers in order to complete a variety of games and activities - great for elementary age students who have family members or classmates who are blind. The reviews are phenomenal. Please pass the word. Baker is available from Amazon.

Kester Braille provides a user-friendly script of the way she taught braille. Level 1 consists of teaching alphabet and beginning sounds in Braille, and Level 2 teaches three-letter words with short vowel sounds, writing sentences, and numbers 0 to At Hitting World, we specialize in bringing you the highest-quality softball and baseball equipment for all ages and skill levels.

Our baseball training equipment includes everything you need to develop your child’s - or entire team’s - hand-eye coordination, improve response times and increase power when pitching and hitting. lead4ward makes a difference in the lives of students by helping educators focus their work, creating structures that give teachers and students a sense of hope and confidence, and supporting leaders with systems they can trust.

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Instructional Aids and Training Technologies

Instructional Aids. Teacher Websites. NEW! Great Site for designing an appropriate English Language Arts Writing Rubric.

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Revised Bloom's Taxonomy - Key Words, Model Questions & Instructional Strategies. - works to help you integrate technology into your classroom by offering online tools and resources.

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Types Caused by Spinal Cord Injury; Other Causes; Some Considerations; Instructional Strategies; Mobility impairments range in severity from limitations of .

What Does an Instructional Aide Do? (with pictures)