How to write a christian book series

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How to write a christian book series

Yet that would do people like blogger and author Dianna E Anderson a great disservice. Anderson writes at Faith and Feminism about her Christian faith from a nuanced and modern perspective, stepping away from the fundamentalist belief in purity culture and forging a new set of sexual ethics for Christians and non-Christians alike.

I spoke with her about her forthcoming book, Damaged Goods: New Perspectives on Christian Purity, and why other Christians can make the worst trolls. I remember having my first blog way back when I was in high school in You regularly blog at Faith and Feminism.

My goal in Faith and Feminism is to tell women and people of marginalized sexualities and genders in the Christian church that they have the right to take up sacred space. They are who God created them to be. A lot of the work that I do is trying to inspire women to take up that space and to be willing to step forward.

Could you describe the basics of Christian purity culture and how your approach differs?

How Pastor Adeboye got me writing on polygamy & the impact of my series

There are different forms of abstinence: It sends a weird, anti-Christian message. My book goes through the history of purity culture. I spend the first couple chapters going through the biblical ideas behind this culture and then deconstructing them.

From my research, I conclude that Christian purity culture is a set of sexual ethics based simply on saying no.

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This is because sexual ethics in American Christianity gets sorted into two areas: There also needs to be the recognition that sex that happens without consent is bad, even after a wedding. My goal in the book is to implement a new set of sexual ethics that will provide a health framework for the sexual lives of those who are still immersed in Christianity, or are coming out of fundamentalist Christianity, or who simply want to learn about it.

I have found an audience who is receptive, ready and willing to embrace these ideas. I think all of the Christian bloggers that exist do play their role in that journey.

Gay people can contribute to church; so can trans people, and non-binary people. You often write in monthly series centred around one topic. I really like the one I just completed on masculinity. We assume that we know what masculinity means, just like we assume what femininity means.

My goal in writing is to question those assumptions.

Denise Hunter, Author of heartwarming, small-town love stories

What has your experience been writing online? Have you received any negative pushback, especially since you frequently challenge Christian authorities in your writing?

how to write a christian book series

The worst trolling in that respect was back in September when I wrote for the Frisky about losing my virginity and the impact that had on my faith.

There were no personal threats towards me, but a lot of insults. It was such an old-school insult. I have a PO box that I use. I think a lot of it is so they can stay mean stuff completely off the record.

Being a woman online in a Christian feminist space brings out a really bananas level of meanness. For instance, there is a parody troll account called Fundie Feminist that began around a year ago.

It was based on myself and another Christian blogger, and friend, Sarah Moon.

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I just lump them in with the mean Christians. Do you feel that writing online has changed you as a person? I come from a really, really conservative family.

Who are some women writers that you would recommend?Sep 12,  · The new book is a retelling of the second book in the series, "Fifty Shades Darker," told from Christian Grey's point of view, apparently called "Fifty Shades Darker From Christian.

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Between the Lines by the agents of Books and Such. The Write Editing—Editing answers by industry professionals. In , Christianity Today voted this title to be one of the top 50 books that have shaped evangelicals!

For over 40 years, J. I. Packer's classic has been an important tool to help Christians around the world discover the wonder, the glory and the joy of knowing God.

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how to write a christian book series

This is also a book you can give to a non-Christian or someone interested in Christianity. If I could require every Christian to read two books after the Bible, they would be Basic Christianity by John Stott and Knowing God by J.I.

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