Essay test for jekyll and hyde answers

Jekyll as a suitably complex character. His friends—of whom there are many— Utterson, despite his profession as a lawyer, takes a particular interest in the downfall of others. He is often seen to be a friend to the downtrodden, which leads him to follow the case of

Essay test for jekyll and hyde answers

Study Questions 1 How does Utterson perceive the relationship between Jekyll and Hyde for most of the novel? Is his interpretation understandable? Utterson spends much of the novel gathering evidence, in an informal fashion, about the Jekyll-Hyde relationship.

All the evidence he collects points to the idea that Hyde is blackmailing Jekyll, which would explain why Jekyll turns pale whenever Hyde is mentioned.

It would also explain why Hyde uses a personal check from Jekyll to pay off the parents of the girl he tramples and why Jekyll seems to be protecting Hyde after the Carew murder.

They construe the Hyde-Jekyll connection as nothing more than the grip of a common criminal on his victim.

Essay test for jekyll and hyde answers

They serve to make sense of a baffling situation, and they are reasonable. Utterson remains so adamantly rational and sensible that he never once admits the possibility of a supernatural explanation.

He is the embodiment of the Victorian mind, which is either unable or unwilling to acknowledge the existence of the perverse or transgressive. At various junctures in Dr. Hyde, Stevenson uses vivid descriptions to evoke a sense of the uncanny and the supernatural, and of looming disaster.

After hearing the tale of Mr. What characterizes the way that events are reported? How does this method of narrative contribute to the thematic development of the novel? Hyde is written in a brisk, businesslike, and factual way.

Dry and forthright, the text often resembles a police report more than a novel. This colorlessness derives in part from the personality of Mr. Utterson, through whose eyes most of the story is told. Proper and upright, Utterson approaches the events with a desire to preserve any possible trace of orderliness or rationality in them.

The original title of the novel, The Strange Case of Dr.

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Questions and Answers -

When the text presents the letters of Lanyon and Jekyll almost as if they were pieces of evidence, the story itself seems to become something of a scientific proof. The attitude of formality and propriety in the narrative contrasts sharply with its mystical and uncanny content.

Essay test for jekyll and hyde answers

With its prim demeanor, the text could be seen as attempting to repress or deny the subject matter that lurks inside it. Stevenson implies that a similar dynamic is at work in the Victorian Britain that he inhabits and portrays. The phenomenon plays itself out on the individual scale as well, of course—the existence of Hyde in the novel testifies to the existence of an evil or primitive aspect within each one of us, just barely hidden beneath a polite, unruffled exterior.Jekyll and Hyde Essay questions: 1.

Explore how Jekyll changes throughout the novel. 2. How does Stevenson explore the theme of duality in The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde? 3. What is the importance of weather in the novel? 4. What is the importance of Dr Lanyon in the novel, and how does Stevenson present him?

5. At the beginning of the novel, Dr. Jekyll is in total control of Mr. Hyde, yet at the end of the novel, Mr. Hyde is in control of Dr. Jekyll. Show how this reversal came about.

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Abate October 14, Presence of Architectural Elements In the Novella, Strange Case of Jekyll and Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson, many architectural elements are used to portray underlying symbolism. The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Questions and Answers - Discover the community of teachers, mentors and students just like you .

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