Essay on ramoji film city

Reception[ edit ] The audio got positive response. The songs are peppy and are easy to like. Thaman has come up with songs that would help the film. Has mass numbers as well as a melody number.

Essay on ramoji film city

Contact Tour Operator I had planned this visit with a Hyderabadi friend. She too had not seen this place before. Our ticket for general guided tour was Rs. There were more expensive tickets available, with more facilities like welcome drink, AC bus, lunch and more.

Essay on ramoji film city

When we went to book the tickets we didn't see much people there and presumed that it may not be crowded, and we got the tickets easily. We were asked to reach there by 8. The bus left sharply at 8. After a long travel, we reached the main gate of the Film City.

There was a security checking at the entrance. We had taken some food with us but had to leave it outside with them since it was not allowed inside which of course they returned to us after our return.

After passing through the security check and reaching inside, we saw the same bus which we brought us there and took us to the main place. After dropping us there, we were asked to return by 6 p. From that point, we were picked up by the red tourist buses of Ramoji Film City.

There are many such red tour buses inside. When we entered we felt entered a new city all together with hills, gardens, lakes, and at the same time flanked with spotless modern buildings.

This film studio complex covers a distance of acres, with film pre-production, production, and post-production resources of over settings, including hi-tech laboratories.

You can get into any of these red buses and within no time it will be full. As we go around the bus, the guide would explain to us about the various things and structures that we see on the way.

When it stops at one point you can get down there and see the places as you like and hop on to another bus at your convenience. The guide will follow the same pattern and after some tours, it will stop at some point where you can get down and see the things and later hop into another red bus there.

Like this, you can cover the whole area, and it depends on you how much time you spend at each point. One thing I was really impressed was that the whole place was clean and well maintained. For children, "Borasura", "Fundastan" etc will be their favorite places to spend their time.

Some of the other most interesting things we saw include a Japanese garden, green zoo, Mughal garden, intricately carved Kripalu caves, buddha statues, a large pool, artificial waterfalls, beautiful dancers, hospital setting, a railway station, an airport terminal, mosques, churches, temples, shopping plazas, palace interiors, rural complexes, urban dwellings, a winding highway, and European and US settings.

In addition, great Shopping facilities are also available there. At the end, you will reach the magical place — Ramoji Film Magic. There they showed us inviting 3 youngsters from the audience how films are produced, how the sounds are created and how they are combined together to get the desired effect etc.

Many films and television serials are shot here. The infrastructure is such that twenty international films and forty Indian films can be produced simultaneously in this complex. Finally, we entered the food court and had great Hyderabad biriyani.

Alampana, Chanakya, and Ganga Jamuna are some of the restaurants there.

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It is really an ultimate leisure destination for holidays! This city of perpetual charms has every kind of color to suit your mood and temperament. After enjoying a wonderful day there since the weather was also pleasant in December, we left the Film City by 6.The Ramoji Film City in India is located in Hyderabad.

Spread over acres, it is the largest integrated film city in Telangana and has been certified by the Guinness World Records as the largest studio complex in the world. It was built by Telugu film producer Ramoji Rao in Owner: Ramoji Rao. Ramoji Film City is World’s Largest Film City complex spread across acres of land is the first choice of every film maker for Bollywood, Tollywood Film Shoot & A must visit Tourist Destination.

Spread across a sprawling acres Ramoji Film City, set up by Ramoji Group in , is a dreamy celluloid journey.

Essay on ramoji film city

Certified by the Guinness World Records as the world’s largest Filmstudio complex, at Ramoji Film City, a filmmaker can walk with a script and walk out with film. Ramoji Film City is one of the must-visit places in Hyderabad, but if you are on a short trip, you might want to skip this one as it needs minimum one full day -to explore some parts of the film city.

Yes only some parts! The Ramoji Film City in India is located in over acres, it is the largest integrated film city in Telangana and has been certified by the Guinness World Records as the largest studio complex in the world.

It was built by Telugu film producer Ramoji Rao in Headquarters: Hyderabad, Telangana, India. Short essay on ramoji film city An impromptu decision on the eve of a weekend brought us to this place. At the first mention.

one would definitely think that this would be in the similar lines of Ramoji Rao film city (Hyderabad) or the likes of it.

My Trip to Ramoji Film City