Essay french culture french language

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Essay french culture french language

The cathedrals of France such as the Notre Dame and Chartres cathedral are popular structures that showcase French artistry.

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In particular, the Notre Dame cathedral has its walls decorated with statues as well as gargoyles. On the other hand, Chartres cathedral has its windows made of about 3, m2 of stained glass LERC, All these are magnificent features of the French art work.

Writing, poetry and theatre make up a beautiful French literature. France prides of the Academie francaise which is made of prominent writers. In poetry, the works of Ronsard and Essay french culture french language regarding nature and love are still influential French Language, French theatre is also a unique symbol of French culture.

For instance, Moliere has several comedies which portray the vanities of human nature as a satire. Other playwrights include Racine and Corneille. These pieces of literature unique to French people are a source of pride and identity to the French people thereby displaying one aspect of their culture.

Language is an important aspect in the French culture. French is the predominant language with about 88 percent of the communicating through French with even most of the rest speaking French and another language. Other spoken languages which are spoken by a small percentage of people include German dialects, Flemish, Italian, Catalan dialects, Breton and Basque.

French people not only utilize verbal communication but they also regularly use non-verbal communication mainly in form of gestures. For instance, an eye contact is mainly used to signify equality or to act as a cue for friendship request.

Shaking hands among acquaintances is also highly regarded by French people. Specific gestures are used for counting using fingers starting from the thumb whereas covering ones mouth with the hands indicates making an apology or an acknowledgement that one has made a mistake LERC, French people also have their food which is unique and defines them.

French cuisine varies mainly according to regions in France as regions influence availability of food.

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The most common traditional meal is the baguette and cheese accompanied by wine. Other meals have several courses with an air of sophistication.

Since each region has different ingredients, each region seems to specialize in such ingredients but the foods have commonalities such as use of olive oil and tomatoes. In addition to the influence of local availability, French foods also vary depending on the influence of bordering countries and immigrants sauerkraut common Alsace which borders Germany Lunch break usually takes about two hours for most people FPSi, The French society also has unique family and societal values, customs and etiquettes which are an important feature of the French culture.

The family is highly valued and they are families are composed of few children. The roles of each family member are clearly defined with the parents being guardians and providers. The extended family offers support either financially or emotionally.

French people usually develop open and polite dealings with family members and friends. Exchange of gifts bears some given etiquettes. For instance, one is not supposed to give an even number of flowers. Nevertheless, number thirteen is said to be unlucky and therefore such a number of flowers should not be given.

It is also a requirement to open gifts immediately they are received Kwintessential, French people are time conscious and they value keeping time. For instance, one is not supposed to be late for dinner for an invited dinner for more than ten minutes without prior explanation for being late.Language is also a central part of French culture as well as other important values.

A diverse French culture Every people have their identity which is mainly entrenched in their culture.

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Is culture important in language learning? Until about years ago, difference and diversity were the bywords of the many small villages which formed France, and much of this regional culture still survives today. The conquering Romans arrived to find Celtic and other tribes already in occupation of the land, with the Greeks already entrenched along the Mediterranean coastline.
Browse Topics in French Culture It is an official language in 29 countries.

Christianity and the Catholic tradition have fundamentally marked French culture since the birth of the French nation. The great founding work of literature in the French language was the Chanson de Roland. Acting French. It’s hard to learn a new language.

Essay french culture french language

But it’s way harder to learn a new culture. Cultural research on french Michael Alatorre French (Friday 8ap Spring Project 1, Cultural Research After referencing many topics to choose from the french culture, i have made my dicision on what interest’s me the most from any culture.

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Informative Speech on French Culture | Essay Example