Dr. piggott doctoral dissertation at marquette

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Dr. piggott doctoral dissertation at marquette

Dr. piggott doctoral dissertation at marquette

The Introduction is a brief survey of the key materials on academical dress that are either in print or available in the larger public and university libraries.

The Alphabetical list that follows is intended to cover what has been published on the subject since the beginning of the nineteenth century; earlier items are listed if they include engravings that provide important evidence of robes of the period. Successful dissertations submitted for the Fellowship of the Burgon Society, whether published later or not, are listed separately on the Submissions page of the Research section of this website.

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The complete text of some titles can be downloaded in various formats at Internet Archive. Introduction The only scholarly general history of academical dress and the standard work on the subject is: Clarendon Press, ; reprinted Westport CT: The following title contains much useful information and reprints extracts from valuable older material.

The author is extremely knowledgable, but his views are often controversial and unsupported by hard evidence, despite the dogmatic style in which he expresses them: Important articles, written a century ago, give detailed accounts of particular aspects of the subject extracts from some of this material are reprinted in Franklyn's book, mentioned above: The evidence from monumental brasses of academical dress in the Middle Ages, which is very significant, is most usefully studied in: Alexander Moring, ; reprinted Bath: Kingsmead Reprints,Chapter 2.

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Although over forty years old, the standard work cataloguing modern academical dress worldwide is still: The following may also be consulted, although it adds little to Smith and Sheard's work: Shaw and Hugh Alexander Boyd Lewes: The standard general work on the academic dress of the universities and other bodies in Great Britain and Ireland, including a comprehensive catalogue of current robes, is: The Burgon Society, Universities and Other Degree-Awarding Bodies The scheme for classifying current hoods, gowns and caps developed by Nick Groves is now standard for writers on academical dress.

The latest version is given on the Classification of Styles page of this website.

Dr. piggott doctoral dissertation at marquette

In addition, Nick Groves has published a very thorough key to British and Irish hoods: For the University of Oxford, the most accessible and informative work on the history of ceremonies and dress remains: Oxford University Press, Marquette University defines itself as Christian, Catholic, Jesuit, urban, and independent.

The Department of Theology functions within the university to investigate and understand the Catholic tradition, its relation to other Christian communions, and to other religions of the world.

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A society concerned with the study of academical dress in all its aspects - design, practice, history. Your library may be able to provide access to the dissertation you're looking for.

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Whether you are looking for a specific graduate work, or want to find out what dissertations or theses have been written on a particular subject, ProQuest provides a variety of tools to help. Doctoral Dissertations Fall Susan Driscoll Title: A Systematic Review and Quantitative Meta-Analysis of the Accuracy of Visual Inspection for Cervical Cancer Screening.

In , Marquette established the Arnold L. Mitchem Dissertation Fellowship Program, intended to increase the presence of underrepresented ethnic groups by supporting doctoral candidates in completing their final academic requirement, the dissertation.

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