Critical analysis of requiem for a

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Critical analysis of requiem for a

Salieri tells us that he is recounting history. In the beginning of the play, the scene is set with characters remembering events in the past. When we meet Salieri in the first moments of the play, he tells us that he is recounting the past.

He cannot help himself, and those around him have just as immediate reflexive responses to him. He is vulgar, conceited, rude, and insulting. At the same time, his music is just as instinctive. And Salieri is the only one who can hear it for what it is. He will now destroy Mozart to defeat God.

He wills himself to become the opposite outwardly of what he was. He plays on the subconscious drives of those around him to ruin Mozart. And yet he comments that he is still driven to pray to God, hoping to have some relief.

Mozart falls into decline, fearing starvation, fearing the loss of his family.

Critical analysis of requiem for a

The Court is retrenching in the values it has always had and is shutting Mozart out, all with the intervention of Salieri. It is a thoroughly considered move by Salieri. He knows precisely the consequences and he proceeds. This is followed by Salieri living for two more years in torment.

Then we learn that Salieri will BE whatever is necessary to achieve his end of being a great composer. He pretends to agree with the emperor when necessary. And it is his suspicion that his pretense at morality was for nothing that begins to turn him against God.

He becomes the avowed enemy of God. He sees potential in every situation. He conceives of a plan to deny Mozart money from the Emperor, while managing to keep Mozart as a friend.

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He appears as the Messenger of God to Mozart to push him over the edge. Upon his arrival he tries to impress everyone. He learns what marriage means. He tries to learn how to get along at Court. Obtaining Influence Character Signpost 3 Mozart tries desperately to get money, work, food, respect, friendship.

And he tries to understand what is going wrong. Understanding Influence Character Signpost 4 Mozart comes to misunderstand the nature of what is happening to him. He believes he has angered God and thus he will die. Then he comes to truly understand that it was always Salieri trying to kill him.

He has lived an immaculately moral life as his part of the bargain. Salieri begins to question the value of his moral life.

Events put Salieri in a position to help or hinder Mozart. To Salieri the work is Divine. This leads to the climactic moment when Salieri challenges God to a war.The following analysis reveals a comprehensive look at the Storyform for most of the analysis found here—which simply lists the unique individual story appreciations—this in-depth study details the actual encoding for each structural item.

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