Compulsive hoarding syndrome essay

Posted on August 29, by Scott Alexander [Epistemic status: Pieced together from memory years after the event. I may have mis-remembered some things or gotten them in the wrong order.

Compulsive hoarding syndrome essay

Uncategorized StevenB Are you an enthusiast for healthy food? The following self-test is designed to help you determine whether you have come close to, or have already crossed, that line.

Compulsive hoarding syndrome essay

If you have a medical condition in which it is unsafe for you to make ANY exception to your diet, then this item does not apply. However, this is the only self-test that I actually authorize and approve.

I freely make it available to anyone who wishes to use it. Republishing is fine, just credit me. June 26, at 7: Once I finished high school, I vowed to myself to lose the weight, bought a weight loss book, and lost the excess 30kg within six months.

While I believe I lost the weight healthily, I also think this was the beginning of the incredible obsession I had with healthy eating over the next 10 years, on-and-off.

I say on-and-off as there were periods where I would eat normally, sometimes for weeks and months on end, and then a stressful event would occur and I would slip back into bad habits.

I was also only drinking bottled water as I believed tap water was unhealthy. During the years, I developed severe depression and anxiety twice, accompanied by panic attacks and heart palpitations, which I firmly believe was because of my decreased nutrient intake.

Compulsive hoarding syndrome essay

I have also exercised a lot over the years — I would push myself to work out even when injured — at one point my doctor banned me from the gym for three months, which I hated. It got really bad when I was about 27 — I had cut out basically everything from my diet except small portions of rice, fruit and veg.

I was obsessed with preventing disease and would load up on veg with cancer-fighting, anti-oxidant properties.

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I was also on a strict regime of liquid herbal tonics, and a whole bunch of vitamins and supplements. I lost a tonne more weight and basically ended up so thin my ribs would stick out under my clothes.

I thought this was great, and would check my stomach in the mirror multiple times a day to make sure they were still there and not covered in fat. I was obsessed with the mirror, and would spend hours looking at my reflection, picking everything apart- I often wonder if I also suffer body dysmorphia.

I started my road to recovery when I moved from Australia to the UK for two years. Sugar was the enemy. I would leave with a trolley full of healthy, organic groceries when all I really wanted was the freedom to choose what I wanted to eat. Everyone I worked with was so relaxed about food — my work mates ate anything they wanted without a second thought, and I desperately wanted that freedom too; the freedom to have a choice and enjoy life without making food the centre piece of my life.

Today, at 35, I am a lot more at peace than I have been with food. I am still a vegetarian, but eat the whole spectrum of carbs, fruit, and veg without guilt, and have such an appreciation for beautiful grainy breads.

I enjoy wine, occasional takeout, and yes I buy biscuits and eat hot chips in moderation, when I want them. It sounds corny but I just want to give them a hug and make them understand how beautiful they are with or without obsessing about food or their dress size or perceived imperfections.

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I also went to therapy for over a year to understand the underlying causes of my orthorexia for me it was family issues and the severe anxiety that came from my experiences. That allowed another path of healing to open up for me. I also do keep exercising, but rather than the traditional gym which can be triggering for me I have found my peace in yoga and Krav Maga a self defence discipline which focuses on dynamic full body movements and strength to protect oneself.

I still have bad days now and then, especially when it comes to ageing and getting older, but have learnt to embrace it and work through the feelings that surface with food. My body is perfect for me — I am grateful my body and I have come this far together, and will do what I can to look after it and give it what it needs.Manfred Kets de Vries, Professor of human resource management.

Research areas: leadership, career dynamics, entrepreneurship, family business, cross-cultural management, and organizational transformation/change. After being taken down twice by Blogger within a single week, we got the message: It’s Time To Go.

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Gates of Vienna has moved to a new address. Dear Dr. Bratman, I learned about Orthorexia through an article in Self Magazine, while I was searching for information on obsessive compulsive exercising, which the magazine also had an article on.

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