Compare and contrast goodbye my brother and sonnys blues essay

Hire Writer His contrasting personality from his brother also built the gap and separation between them. Unlike his brother, Sonny was not able effectively cope with his situation that led to his faulty decisions in life. However, all his angsts, angers, and other deep emotions were expressed passionately through his music.

Compare and contrast goodbye my brother and sonnys blues essay

Sonny starts skipping school and eventually he ceases to go all together. After that, whenever the two brothers met they always fought awfully. It is hard to not be able to fit into society and that is why Sonny turned to drugs for a sense of belonging.

Nobody was aware about this problem until it was too late.

Compare and contrast goodbye my brother and sonnys blues essay

The narrator has never been a good listener to his brother. That is what I think is the greatest factor that gives him the sense of alienation towards his brother.

Sonny was always kept away from his dreams. At the end of the story, the narrator for the first time listens to his brother after all these years and tries to understand him and the sufferings he has to face all his life and tries to console him.

They both end up happy and understanding each other much better. In Lullaby, Ayah, the old woman and her husband, Chato have lived together for forty years. Together, they have seen their three children getting apart.

Ayah hates white people because she thinks that Jimmie, their eldest son, died due to them. On the other hand, Chato is always eager to learn white ways of living. He is fluent in both English and Spanish languages and works for white people in a horse farm. If she had not signed it, her children would never have departed.


The white people fired Chato; he became ill after that. To see how the white man repaid years of loyalty and work. They got some money from the government that Chato spends for his wine. He was sick and drunk one evening when Ayah had to go to pick him up from the bar.

That is when she feels a sense of alienation and estrangement towards Chato. She could not see him as a person so ill, drunk, and broken mentally from what he has faced after his sincere and loyal work toward white people. Even if Ayah and the narrator in both the stories feel the sense of estrangement and alienation towards the people, so close to their hearts, it is different.

The narrator and Sonny never stayed together for long when they grew up.

Compare and contrast goodbye my brother and sonnys blues essay

They were always apart and different. Ayah and Chato were different in every way but they lived together all their life, they knew they had, and faced every suffering together. When Ayah sees Chato losing his strength to fight against the hard facts towards life, she feels this sense of estrangement.

She has never seen Chato losing or giving up. She has always seen him facing the difficulties with courage and determination. She feels that they are old now. Ayah has nothing to say about anything anymore. Her life has become memories. But the narrator and Sonny have a lot to do together in their life.

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Kyojin Coupon Boca; Kroger Coupons Kings Island! save a lot 5 coupon Compare and Contrast "For Esme with love and Squalor" and "Goodbye My brother" Family is crucial to one s life; something to fall back on in times of need.

The stories, For Esme-With Love and Squalor and Goodbye, My Brother, share a common theme of family. I went straight home, when I arrived, my son was hysterical and in the back of an ambulance, so got in the back of the ambulance, he was hysterical, did my best to calm him down," Usher said.

"I was just reacting, I was in father mode.

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