Business plan berufsbetreuer kostenlos englisch

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Business plan berufsbetreuer kostenlos englisch

Students continue predicting until all the key words are visible. Reading comprehension, vocab focus and discussion Go through the activities on the hand out, answer key for comprehension questions is at the bottom.

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The protest was organised by a coalition of more than 40 resident and community groups from all over the city, not just the neighbourhoods most directly affected by mass tourism. Visitor numbers have grown exponentially in recent years.

In an estimated 9 million people stayed in hotels and a further 9 million in holiday apartments. In addition, the city received around 12 million day-trippers arriving by car and train or on cruise ships. Tourists looked on bemused as the banners were unfurled at the top of the Rambla, beside the Canaletes fountain.

What do they mean, Barcelona is not for sale? Birgid from Denmark was less sympathetic. I can sympathise with that. Christine, an Englishwoman on the march who has lived in Barcelona for more than 20 years, said: Now they want to kick us out because they can make more money renting it out to tourists.

The special urban plan for tourist accommodation aims to limit the number of beds on offer from hotels and apartments by imposing a moratorium on building new hotels. No new licences will be issued for tourist apartments.

There are currently 75, hotel beds in the city and aroundbeds in tourist flats, at least half of them unlicensed and illegal. The city is at loggerheads with Airbnb, the principal letting agency. Furthermore, tourism is distorting the economy and there is little support for anyone who wants to establish non-tourist enterprises.

How did tourists feel about the march? How has the council responded to the rising number of tourists? How does airbnb defend itself? What suggestions does Daniel Pardo make? Now try to complete the expressions from memory: They are complaining that tourism is forcing their rents up.

Conversation What do you think of the march? Are you in agreement with their message? Would you consider protesting on the issue? What are the pros and cons of tourism in your city? How does tourism affect your neighbourhood? What experiences do you have of the downsides of tourism? Do you think you have enjoyed the benefits of tourism?

Do you think tourism should be curbed in any way? Language Development Look at the language from the text, in what other contexts could you use it? Stage an occupation — what other things can you stage? A coalition of resident and community groups — what other coalitions can you think of?

Tourism brings in a lot of money. A new law passed by the council seeks to curb — What other things would the government pass laws to curb?

Now they want to kick us out — what other things could you be kicked out of? The plan aims to limit the number of beds on offer. A manifesto calling for more local shops — What other things could a manifesto or a protest call for? Comprehension Questions Key Who organised the march?Regardless if you're using Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or any other browser, your URL should always read Take extra security precautions.

Depending on your browser, there are extra security notifications you might notice - your .

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business plan berufsbetreuer kostenlos englisch

Orange is the New Black: Season 2 (Recap) Piper gets an education in criminality, while newcomer Vee threatens the balance of power among the inmates. Miss Rosa has a date with destiny. Image credit: Language Boat – Follow me on twitter @RobbioDobbio This is the second in a series of guest posts by my friend and colleague Josh Widdows, an English teacher and teacher trainer at International House Barcelona.

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