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While often personal, his essays are not confessional or confidential but achieve the universal quality of the greatest literature.

Books essays education

Nord and Charles C. Haynes Table of Contents Chapter 9. Moral Education The preceding five chapters have dealt with the proper place of religion in particular courses.

Moral education, however, is generally understood to cut across the curriculum and is appropriately integrated into all courses as well as into the extra curricular activities and ethos of schools. So our focus shifts somewhat in this last chapter.

Of course, good people can make bad judgments; it's often not easy to know what is morally right. The second task of moral education is to provide students with the intellectual resources that enable them to make informed and responsible judgments about difficult matters of moral importance.

Both are proper and important tasks of schools—and both cut across the curriculum. The inevitable question, of course, is, whose morality will be taught? We will offer our answer by way of a sketch of a theory of moral education. Given this theory—and the civic and educational frameworks we outlined in Chapters 1 Books essays education 2—we will draw out the implications Books essays education the role of religion in moral education.

To put a little flesh on these theoretical bones, we will take sex education as a case study. Education as a Moral Enterprise We trust that it is uncontroversial to say that schooling is unavoidably a moral enterprise. Indeed, schools teach morality in a number of ways, both implicit and explicit.

Schools have a moral ethos embodied in rules, rewards and punishments, dress codes, honor codes, student government, relationships, styles of teaching, extracurricular emphases, art, and in the kinds of respect accorded students and teachers.

Schools convey to children what is expected of them, what is normal, what is right and wrong.

Books essays education

It is often claimed that values are caught rather than taught; through their ethos, schools socialize children into patterns of moral behavior.

Textbooks and courses often address moral questions and take moral positions.

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Literature inevitably explores moral issues, and writers take positions on those issues—as do publishers who decide which literature goes in the anthologies. In teaching history we initiate students into particular cultural traditions and identities. The overall shape of the curriculum is morally loaded by virtue of what it requires, what it makes available as electives, and what it ignores.

For example, for more than a century but especially since A Nation at Risk and the reform reports of the sthere has been a powerful movement to make schooling and the curriculum serve economic purposes.

Religion and art, by contrast, have been largely ignored and are not even elective possibilities in many schools. As a result, schooling encourages a rather more materialistic and less spiritual culture—a matter of some moral significance. Educators have devised a variety of approaches to values and morality embodied in self-esteem, community service, civic education, sex education, drug education, Holocaust education, multicultural education, values clarification, and character education programs—to name but a few.

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We might consider two of the most influential of these approaches briefly. For the past several decades values clarification programs have been widely used in public schools. Values are ultimately personal; indeed, the implicit message is that there are no right or wrong values.

Needless to say, this is a deeply controversial approach—and is now widely rejected. The character education movement of the last decade has been a response, in part, to the perceived relativism of values clarification.

Finally, we note what is conspicuous by its absence: Unlike either values clarification or character education programs, the major purpose of ethics courses is usually to provide students with intellectual resources drawn from a variety of traditions and schools of thought that might orient them in the world and help them think through difficult moral problems.

As important as we all agree morality to be, it is striking that schools do not consider ethics courses an option worth offering. Training and Education In Chapter 2 we distinguished between socialization, training, and indoctrination on the one hand,and education on the other.Essay about secretary peacock in tamil fast food is healthy essay comparing points of an essay indian farmer.

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The general topic of this volume is education on its intellectual side. One main idea runs through the various chapters, and it is illustrated in them from many points of metin2sell.coms: 1.

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