Attaining liberation when death is near in the tibetan book of the dead

Mesopotamia[ edit ] Ruins of the Ekur temple in Nippurbelieved by the ancient Mesopotamians to be the "Dur-an-ki", the "mooring-rope" of heaven and earth. Ancient Mesopotamian religion The ancient Mesopotamians regarded the sky as a series of domes usually three, but sometimes seven covering the flat earth.

Attaining liberation when death is near in the tibetan book of the dead

Buddha taught the so called Middle Way which means we should look at Reality in two ways. It is un-become, un-compounded and never changing.

This notion of the Deathless as being changeless has deep and profound logical consequence if we think about it. We have to understand that if one reaches the Other Shore, the Other Shore can not have changed because of that, or it would never have been changeless!

Attaining liberation when death is near in the tibetan book of the dead

So we have to conclude that we never at all were separate from that Changeless Non-Dual Other Shore called the Deathless! Although this is a very much misunderstood teaching of the Buddha it is quite clear that, for the Buddha, the Self has to be changeless, free from rise and fall!

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For the Buddha the idea of the Self being subjected to rise and fall is an untenable point of view. There is deep need to emphasize that Buddha never taught that Self does not exist!

Buddhas teaching on not-self Anatta is often misunderstood to mean that there is no Self. The teaching of Anatta actually teaches that the Self can not be found in the Skandhas or in any other thing that is become or compounded! Denying the existence of Self is denying your own existence!

Denying the existence of the Self is denying you are the subject experiencing the Skandhas! As with the Deathless, the Self can not be seen or known from the dualistic relative reality and therefor it can only be denominated in negatives like not-this and not-that.

Hence in Buddhism there is no view on the nature of Self other then that it has to be Changeless not subjected to rise and fall. Personality view or ego. Buddha teaches the way how personality-view arises like this: So what insight does understanding these terms bring?

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Existence in relative reality: How do we come to be in our Samsaric lives in which we experience the duality of Subject — Object relations, according to the Buddha? It is the personality-view that keeps us clinging to this dual existence in Samsara, our relative reality, Personality view that arises on the first two links of the chain of interdependent origination that is the creating force for the next moment and the next body for samsaric life!

Of course this personality never really objectively exists or existed. It is an illusion like all compounded things.Fremantle, Francesca & Chögyam Trungpa () The Tibetan Book of the Dead: The Great Liberation through Hearing in the Bardo by Guru Rinpoche according to Karma Lingpa.

Boulder: Shambhala ISBN X, ISBN (reissued ). Meditation. To sit on the cushion is to be enlightened.

Zazen is a cornerstone and foundation to our practice and development. We set aside time each morning and evening to sit with ourselves in the Zendo. Lighting the candle, the incense, and reciting the Wisdom Heart Sutra, we renew our vows and bring ourselves to the practice of studying ourselves.

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"To complete the mantra recitation, we do one million recitations of the root manta (OM TARE TUTTARE TURE SOHA). One million is the minimum prerequisite that enable us . Consciousness: A.H. Almaas» A talk by A.H. Almaas - 'The Unfolding Now & The Now Of All Times': A.H.

The Tibetan Book of the Dead and Near-Death Experiences

Almaas is the pen name of A. Hameed Ali, the originator of the Diamond Approach to Self-Realization. The Diamond Approach is a path of wisdom, an approach to the investigation of Reality and a method of working on oneself that leads to human maturity and liberation. The Tibetan Book Of The Dead has a mysterious, even ominous sound to it conjuring up thoughts of mystical contact with dead spirits in some sort of secret way.

The Canadian Film Board, two-part documentary film, The Tibetan Book Of The Dead – A Way Of Life – The Great Liberation, narrated by Leonard Cohen explores the actuality behind the /5(67).

INTRODUCTION Paraloka-Vidya or the science about the departed souls and their planes of living is a subject of absorbing is a Mysterious Science which contains many secrets or hidden wonders. It has intimate connection with Panchagni-Vidya or the science of transmigration propounded in the Chhandogya Upanishad.

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